Monday, July 26, 2010

Election 2

Seriously, I only have a limited amount of time for sporting contests so after the World Cup, State of Origin and Masterchef, I have zero patience for this upcoming election. It's like watching two lice infested seagulls fight over a piece of mouldy bread - but they're seagulls that hate gay people, migrants(*) and human rights. The race to the bottom is thrilling in it's banality.

What I want to know is this: in the 9o's, the Government defunded higher education and propped it up with international student dollars. These students were lured here with the promise of permanent residency and now that is going to be taken off the table in a frenzy of "we-hate-filthy-migrants-who-probably-eat-babies-and-steal-white-people's-jobs" rhetoric. SO what happens to the students already in the system and secondly, if you destroy the international student market, will you restore funding to higher education?



Carry on then...

*(For the record, I'm a migrant to this country - like pretty much ANYONE who isn't Indigenous).


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  1. Great post, JH. And pertinent questions. Talk about a big fat anti-climax. I hoped for more from Jules. I have no idea why.

    x K

    PS. One week til Stephin!! Can we have a pre-Merritt shandy?