Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fashion attack

I'm the last person who should be commenting about what people wear but I saw some very special outfits today that I'd like to share.

7:30am Old guy walking down Marrickville Road wearing slippers, pajama shorts, a bright red mickey mouse shirt and a long bath robe covered in teddy bears.

11:23am Anyone who knows the Twilight mythology knows that the vampires in that series do not rip out your jugular or combust in sunlight - they play baseball and twinkle like golden diamonds in the sun. Hence, a group of young girls in Twilight shirts wearing gold glitter all over their face walking out of Town Hall station. You'll regret it later girls...

12:30pm Matching blue and pink 'shit happens' t-shirts on a young couple in Market City but being very transgressive, she wore the blue one and he wore the pink one. Despite this, they both looked pretty stupid.

I'm going down the shop for some milk - can't wait to see what comes next...



  1. They are all quite remarkable fashion choices. More disturbing for me, though, is the alarming number of chicks walking around without pants. Or skirts. Just stockings or leggings and a short top. Have you noticed??
    Sure, I have been known to wear pants and skirts simultaneously and maybe this is a little excessive, but at least I remember to dress my lower half.
    Kids today hey?

  2. I have noticed this trend, it's not really attractive. It's as if there is mass amnesia in regards to pant or skirt wearing. I'm all for wearing my undies around the house but most times I remember to put my pants on when I go outside...

    On an unrelated note, I got totally busted playing air guitar to Ace of Spades by a neighbour. I was in the car space of my apartment block, just hitting the solo on my ipod and he walked round the corner. He looked confused, I pretended I was doing calisthenics, awkwardness was had by all...

  3. Ace of Spades! (I can't hear that song without immediate Young Ones flashbacks) You are fighting the good fight my friend.
    I was just in Radelaide and saw a guy rocking out at a bus stop. He was dancing with his reflection in the bus shelter glass.
    That is at least 3 types of awesome.
    Can't wait to see how far The Inappropriate Dancing Movement spreads...

    x k