Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some songs of the year...

Some songs that weren't on the albums I listed below (for the record - my favourits song was Superchunk's My Gap Feels Weird).

Cee Lo-Green - Fuck You
So many levels of awesome it's hard to comprehend I could put this on at my staff Christmas party and no one would notice. Did I do this? Possibly.

Kate Nash - Do-Wah-Do
I do love my girly pop and this song just makes me smile.

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - You Won't Let Me Down Again
I never really got on board with this collaboration because really, I just want lot's of Mark Lanegan - ta dah!

Kanye West - Power
I'm a fan of Kanye but I've only listened to his album a couple of times so while there's some awesome stuff on there, I'm yet to make up my mind on how good it is. However, I think this song (as well as Runaway) is brilliant.

How to Destroy Angels - A Drowning
This song is great ipod fodder for when you're out and about. Low key but engaging putting you in that aloof mood to deal with the general public. The other thing I love about this band is that it's essentially Nine Inch Nails with a female singer which seems to drive NIN fans barmy and somehow, I find that very enjoyable.


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