Monday, April 6, 2009

Let's take some time out for a second...

I work. I work to pay rent. I work to buy food, alcohol and shiny things. It doesn't get much deeper than that. That said, I enjoy my work and workplace - an architecture and design faculty in a university. We started the academic year a few weeks ago and this graffiti caught my eye:

Obviously in honour of the new year, some student drew this house. I love it. I want to build it and live in it with its smoking chimney. Remember: one day the person who drew this will probably design your house so don't laugh.

Anyhow, this morning, I got to work and this little character was guarding the front gate...

These little fellas were all over the building...

This guy was my favourite - running down the fire stairs with burning hair (some staff take fire safety very seriously so I wasn't surprised to see this one ripped down within half an hour of me taking this photo - it made me a bit sad that they did this).

This one was dangling over a stairwell defacing a poster for a conference called Rehab (if you can't see it, it says "REHAB is 4 quitters)."

As with all such things of this nature, I imagine they won't last long but they put a smile on my face this morning... goodbye little guys, see you in the next life.



  1. Too gorgeous for words! I saw a few of these you'd posted on the Blanket site, it's a treat to see even more of them here. Hope the little fellas stuck around.

  2. I love that people do art like that, which can bring such joy. And that I can share it....years later, on a blog, long after they have gone.