Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Interior Design.

Let me tell you about my flat. The kitchen windows look directly onto the walkway where my neighbours pass to get to their abodes. Until last week, all I had up on the window was some fine netting which fortunately for some of my neighbours gave them the ideal insight into my world - ie they'd kind of walk slowly by or just stand there and watch me go about my business. 90% of the time that is me watching TV or reading a book but I finally had enough and got these curtains - plausibly the ugliest fucking curtains in the entire world.

You see, I went to a nearby manchester shop, picked what I thought were some rather innocuous purple curtains and asked them to cut them to size. What I didn't realise was once they were free of their packets they actually had this terrible tie dye effect with the little tassles - so chic! Anyhow, I'd spent the money and I'd prefer to look at ugly curtains than the creepy old guy from flat 4 watch me do the dishes.

I can safely say if you are an interior designer - your job is safe. Ugly, ugly, ugly - yet lovably crappy - just the way I like it.

That said, I have this to look forward to...

Things are looking up...


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