Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm a driver, I'm a winner

Jon's new driving license photo...

I'm a lover, not a driver but at the grand old age of 36 I've decided to learn to drive. I've tried twice before. Once when I was seventeen and then again about 11 years ago. The first time, my teacher (not naming names but it was my Dad) took me out on the highway on my first lesson - that was after attempting a 3 point turn. It freaked me out so I didn't get back in a car as a driver for quite a while. I had some intermittent lessons during the 90's and then got my learners again in about 1999. I bought a $1000 car (Nissan Bluebird) that I was learning in - until I crashed it into the back of a parked car while attempting to park. Just a light bump, far more damage to my car than the other one but just enough to put me off again.

So, look out pedestrians and fellow motorists, I'm back. Apparently things have changed as I got into a friend's car for my first lesson today. I know the other times I'd attempted to learn I was driving manuals but today the car seemed weird. First off, you don't have to pump the accelerator when you start the car and where the hell is the choke? (more to the point, what the hell was the choke?) I think I'm freaked out by the lack of things to do in the car than what I can remember from learning before. Surely, driving a car is more complicated than playing Wii Super Mario Cart? Anyhow, we'll see if I get my license this time...


PS for socceroo's fans, you got beat by one of the contenders to win the world cup - deal with it. You should be happy it was 4-0 and not the 6-0 I've been predicting all week. Silver linings and all that...


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  1. Nice pic. have you changed you hair?

    I took a long time to get my license too JH. And my first few crashes were all into parked cars.

    If I were you, I'd save some casholla and buy a few professional lessons. Worked a treat for me. Eventually.

    Plus, relationships are far too valuable to be subjected to the strain of learning to drive.