Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new what! Now here's Jim with sports...

Oh hey, happy new year. You know what's strange? If I take an active interest in a sporting team I support, they actively crumble and lose at everything. However, if I miss a sportscast or don't check a team's progress for a while, they seem to do amazingly well.

Now, I know this sounds amazingly egocentric and it is but I have a secret suspicion that my being a fan of a team can be their doom. There are multiple examples I can give you.

NRL: I support the Rabbitohs and the Cowboys and I watched them every week they were on telly and kept up with their scores. Result: Cowboys come second last (the Storm were last and they were disqualified so technically the Cowboys were last). The Rabbitohs came 9th, just outside the final 8 in contention for the finals.

Stoke City FC: When I remember to check the scores they seem to be doing ok but when I finally get to watch a game live, they lose terribly. I managed to watch their last game and they lost 2-0 (both goals scored in the first ten minutes) to Fulham - FULHAM! They are third last in the Premier League.

English Cricket team: You know how they bumbled the Australians out for 98 at the MCG as well as other amazing feats of cricket prowess? That all happened when I wasn't watching. The only cricket I really got to see was Peter Siddle's hat trick and then the Australian team winning in Perth. I did get to see Mitchell Johnson bowl really badly but apparently that's his new style. The English team only seem to win when I'm not watching.

So, this is how I'm going to get rich. I'm going to bet on teams I follow and then not watch a single game. My tip - the Rabbitohs to win next year's NRL. (You might say, hey they've got Greg Inglis now but having good players in the past hasn't stopped them from losing and losing badly).


Sorry, I temporarily got lost in my thoughts about how my interest in something can influence the success and failure of multi-million dollar sporting organisations. Anyhow, just to let you know, I'm going to try and write about music a bit more this year as part of my attempt to make writing part of my daily routine. As such, I have created a new blog solely for this purpose. No doubt this will fail like most music blogs but oh well, at least I can be an opinionated pig about it and not feel guilty about it (I'll still be writing here though - double the blog). Check out the shenanigans here.


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