Sunday, January 2, 2011

Movie reviews...

I saw three films this weekend and here are the reviews:

Black Swan: What the fuck? I thought it was a movie about ballet dancing, not a pseudo horror film... The film is still good though.

Somewhere: What the fuck? Really, a week with your daughter makes you walk away from a life of fame into the distance - I don't buy it. The film is still good though.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: What the fuck? How did that one pair of pants fit all those girls and in what universe is Rory from the Gilmore Girls Greek? The film still exists though.



  1. What the fuck? Great review though!

  2. Was Black Swan scary? I really want to see it but can't if it is because I am completely yellow when it comes to horror films (and also fast rides at amusement parks)

    And also: WHY did you watch that Travelling Pants film?! Were you on an airplane?

    x K

  3. Black Swan is well scary but definitely worth seeing - it's more psychological-losing your mind scary though. Travelling pants was on TV and I was there and it kind of happened. Som days I'll just watch anything to spite my brain.