Sunday, December 20, 2009

Flick this

Someone asked me recently (urm... Katie, the only person who I think reads this blog) whether I had a Flickr site or not and the truth is I have about three of them. I tend to get enthusiastic about photography for a while and then get over it. When I return to my Flickr sites, I can never remember the log in because you have to create a yahoo account (which I never use) and I can never remember the log-in. SO, I have finally set up one more Flickr site which I'll load up some non-blog photos. Most of the photos I've uploaded are one's I had on my old Flickr site from a trip to China last year. But anyhow, you'll find me trying to be arty here... (Fail).

PS: If world leaders are serious about climate change, I think I've found a solution. Just get my idiot neighbour to turn off his Christmas lights. Seriously, the three weeks these lights are on will probably be responsible for the island Tuvalu being underwater by February. I'm not sure how much power he's chewing through to keep this going but it's probably as much as a moderate sized township. Even worse, there is some blow up sculpture of Santa riding a quad bike (!?) with Rudolph on the back in his front yard. The only problem is that every time I walk by it actually looks like Rudolph is coming from the rear... urm, sexually. Then I look closer and see that's it's not but do I have to really spend the next three weeks walking to my house and thinking everyday "is that reindeer fucking Santa?" Stop the madness and save the planet I say.

Update: Santa definitely looks he's ready for something...


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  1. Ha ha! Same with you and my blog, which is why I sometimes skip the middleman and just email you directly.

    In the interest of further 'research', you'll see we have now befriended you in every one of your flickr incarnations. Watch those stats soar :)

    x K

    PS. That Rudolf/Santa tractor tryst is way too many types of wrong