Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Listomania redux

My friend Katie recently freaked me our about who you stalk online because it's really easy to be busted. I kinda thought that's the only reason the internet was invented but oh well... Anyhow, she listed her favourite songs of 2009 and I thought I'd do the same. The rules are pretty simple, pick songs that you have listened to a lot in 2009 (they do not necessarily have to be released this year though). Katie cleverly put together a mix tape to download but my zipping skills are pretty shit (WHY WON'T YOU WORK, OH ZIP GOD!) so I'll just put short descriptions to give you an idea of what they sound like (I should say that because I go to the gym during the week, my songs are generally dominated by rah-rah boy songs because that's how I roll when I pump iron and stare at myself for hours in the gym mirrors).

1. Guided by Voices: Teenage FBI
Sounds like: the perfect pop song about alienation and how your crush on a girl makes you act like a crazy person. We've all been there.

2.Bob Mould - The Breach
Sounds like: A break up song in two voices - one plaintive and sad: the other saying literally 'I'm sick of your shit, you bloody martyr!' Bad times were had by all.

3. Mclusky - To Hell With Good Intentions
Sounds like: a song so good I named my blog after it.

4. Future of the Left - Arming Eritrea
Sounds like: an awesome Mclusky song (because they kind of are Mclusky).

5. Neko Case - Prison Girls
Sounds like: Southern gothic chic with murderous overtones...

6. Unkle - Restless
Sounds like: Queens of the Stone Age decides to mug Daft Punk in a back alley but decide they really like each other and make sweet love instead.

7. Ludacris - Get Back
Sounds like: I have to thank Tom Cruise for exposing me to this in Tropic Thunder. It's the chorus that gets me everytime.

8. Mogwai - Batcat
Sounds like: You're pursued across a post-apocalyptic wasteland until eventually you are devoured alive by nuclear brain hungry zombies.

9. Fourtet - Unspoken
Sounds like: Rediscovered 9 minute opus which makes you sad but is great for listening to when you're walking.

10. DFA 1979 - Black History Month
Sounds like: A long lost boogie woogie classic...

11. Lily Allen - 22
Sounds like: A song that The Specials should have done but sung by an adorable skank instead.

12. Snow Patrol - Take Back The City
Sounds like: A lame arse pop song by a crap band which I couldn't get out of my head and then through therapy (generally electroshock), I admitted I loved it (I can forgive myself because I like the Reindeer Section).

13. Them Crooked Vultures - Spinning in the Daffodils
Sounds like: Post apocalyptic Bowie through a drone blender. To be honest, it could have been any of the TCV album here.

Having thought about it, I already want to change a few but that'll do for now right...



  1. This is a GREAT compilation JH. If I had to describe it as a flavour of icecream, I would call it chunky riff chip with pop frosting (someone has recently been introduced to Ben & Jerrys and thus continues to inch ever closer to their Marlon Brando dream).

    Your "Sounds Like" descriptions are spot on. I think I filed Bat Cat under "Bit Noisy Really" but yours is obviously much more comprehensive.

    So that's Mr Bob Mould? I was pretty familiar with his name from, ahem, researching your page and it's great to see why you dig him so much. And I'm pleased to say it turns out I knew Mclusky after all! Cool track.

    Those Fourtet and Unkle tracks are officially on my "research further" list. Thanks so much for reminding me of these guys existence.

    Nice of Tom to introduce you to Ludacris. I think we can safely say that is Tom's one and only contribution to humanity.

    x K

  2. Oh wait. I forgot about "Cocktail".
    I stand corrected.

  3. oh dear, TCV live video:
    JPJ on the 12-string bass? Or more...? So... rock.

  4. Oh Rino, you haven't seen anything yet. Wait til you see JPJ on keytar:

  5. keytar... keytar. I just love saying it, but keep thinking of Herbie Hancock when I do.

    more necks, more strings!