Monday, December 21, 2009


No matter what you can say about Sylvester Stallone and his career, it's very hard to deny the power of the original Rocky movie. It's the classic story of an unknown actor fighting to star in his own film which was resisted at every level. Then it comes out, people go berserk for it and it wins a bunch of Oscars. It is chock full of iconic scenes which have become a pervasive part of our cultural fabric.

ANYHOW, I mention this because I went to see a friend of mine who works at a record store which sells collectable figurines. They had just received a shipment of Rocky figures, so firstly we have Rocky and Adrian but it was this other figure that I found totally mind blowing.

If you'll recall Paulie lets Rocky practice his boxing on frozen carcasses at the meat packing plant in the docks. Amazingly, you can buy a figurine of the carcass or 'The Meat' as the packet says. I'm not sure if anyone finds this strange or not but it's the first time I remember seeing a figurine for an inanimate object from a film before...


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