Wednesday, December 30, 2009

iPlod predicts the future

Once again I will be stealing Katie's ideas for a blog entry - essentially predicting my new year with an ipod. Katie has the stately Podley where I have my old faithful iPlod to predict my future. Let's warm it up, ask some burning questions and get some genuine insight delivered courtesy of Steve Jobs' love juice (I don't know what that is).

First up: Rewarding year at work or one step closer to death?
Answer: Better Things - Massive Attack
Subtext: Magic Doors - Portishead
Hey, hey, looks like my work life is going to improve all courtesy of Bristol trip hop. Thanks Massive.

Second question: Am I going to be stuck in Sydney or off for some adventure in the new year?
Answer: Red Rain - Peter Gabriel
Subtext: Still Cold - Mazzy Star
I'm going to take that as a no. Rain outside, a chilly reception etc. But most of all, I should just let you know I love Peter Gabriel and have no shame by having this song (and album) on my ipod.

Thirdly: Is this going to be a better year for the loving?
Answer: Hangin' on a limb - Neil Young
Subtext: On the verge - Le Tigre
While Neil's song sounds negative, it's actually a beautiful song about rekindling love deemed lost. And with Le Tigre saying I'm on the verge of something great, I'll take that as it's going to be a better year.

Fourth: Another year of fat slob or will you find your inner fitness freak?
Answer: Ruffwon - Hermitude
Subtext: Monster in the Parasol - Queens of the Stone Age
Ruffwon is this really amazing instrumental but as it kind of suggests 'Rough One' and Monster in the Parasol is about taking drugs, I figure I'll be a fat slob again.

5. Will the Rabboitohs win this year?
Answer: Headache - Frank Black
Subtext: Can't See - Unsane
Urm, no.

Sixsixsix: Will it be a productive year creatively?
Answer: Classic Noodlanding - Do Make Say Think
Subtext: Get in the Ring - Guns N' Roses
Mixed messages here with DMTS suggesting another year of noodling along where Axl invites me to fight for it. Jury is out on this so we'll see.

Seven: Will 2010 be better than the satan's butthole that was 2009?
Answer: Reason to be Beautiful - Hole
Subtext: 50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up) - Kyuss
Again mixed messages but I figure I'll go with the positive and say it's going to be a reasonable yet beautiful interstellar journey of about 50 million years in length. AWESOME!

Thanks iPlod!


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  1. Yeeeah iPlod! But darnit, you asked way better questions than me. I want to do my prophesy over.
    Now if iPlod is correct (and I have no doubt that he is) you have a stellar year ahead of you. Now Get in the Ring and open those Magic Doors, my friend.

    x K

    PS. I think Peter Gabriel is telling you that you will be going to China but it will be very cold. Best to hit those Kathmandu sales now probably.

    PPS. Sorry about the Rabbitohs.