Sunday, January 10, 2010

Listomania continues

As you may have noticed, I like lists. I'm a popular culture nerd who likes to argue about music, movies and books and compile lists about the things I love and hate. For example, the greatest album list of the noughties challenge has been taken up by a large number of my friends. I imagine at some point, we're all going to meet, play music and argue until we're blue in the face about the relative merits of our respective tastes.

I was talking to my friend Stephen who said it would be a great idea to compile all these lists on a website somewhere. So I have done - here. I figure instead of populating my site with hundreds of lists about music and films, I'd do that on another site and invite anyone who is keen to contribute their lists as well. I think I'm going to do one a week but I started it with Stephen's comprehensive Top 100 of the Noughties.

So if you're interested, send me a list and I'll put it up and then argue passionately as to why you're wrong...