Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Them Crooked Bogans

So I went to see Them Crooked Vultures last night and of course, it was awesome. The riffs were rifftastic, the rock action was premium grade and that distant roar of cicadas I hear at this very moment is me losing my hearing just a little bit.

As I don't get out to concerts that often anymore, I forgot for a minute, that rock music, the music I love, is bogan music. I think things were exacerbated by the fact it was Australia day so the audience was full of all these dickheads in their flags, with their southern cross tattoos getting really drunk and aggressive. They had flag tattoos on their foreheads like a sign saying 'punch me here' and instead of chucking their drink cups on the floor, they just threw them at people's heads. There was the one big sweaty dude in front of me doing the 'I have no awareness of the people around me and I'll hit you if you get in my way' dance. I thought the nervy guy in a Metallica shirt next to him was going to punch him but no such luck. So, great band but the audience, my people, bogans.

This was made all the more apparent as I went for a drink after the show in the pub closest to where the Dirty Three were playing. All the asymmetrical haircutted indie boys and the impossibly cute girls that love them were there. Pound for pound, a much better looking and cooler group of people.

Look, I like living in Australia, but I don't feel the need to hoist the southern cross like a swastika. And I don't feel embarrassed by the music I listen to but for the love of Pete, why don't you leave your militant austra-fascism at home for an evening you bogan wankers and just enjoy the music without hitting anyone. Thank you.


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  1. Oh that's a shame. It's hard to enjoy a gig when there's an ever-present threat of getting kicked in the head. If only venues could do quality control on the crowds. Fight fascism with fascism I say.
    x K