Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kids in the kitchen

So living alone there is no one to impress with your culinary skills, no one to share your meal with and really no need to go over the top. Often, dinner is toast with something out of a can. What can I say? I'm lazy.

But lately I've been seized by a bout of nostalgia about my trip to Cambodia, specifically the food there. It was a world of exotic spices, meats and vegetables cooked into these flagrant, amazing dishes. Probably some of the most beautiful food I've ever eaten. On the top of my list was this very subtle yellow curry called Amok that was generally served in banana leaves with a steamed meat (generally fish but I had it with chicken).

Today, courtesy of the internet, I got all inspired, found a recipe and made my own version of the curry which is pictured below.

And you know what, it was ok. It was missing... something. It wasn't quite right but as a first pass it was pretty good I thought.

Unfortunately, I had to destroy my entire kitchen making it. It's just taken me an hour to clean up. Cooking with more than three ingredients is messy.


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