Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A tear in time

There is no debating the tragedy that is the Chilean earthquake and I feel for everyone affected by this event so don't think of this post as disrespectful but a 'my-mind-has-been-blown-by-science' post. While my understanding of science is pretty poor, I was pretty blown away to read this article which states that the earthquake was so violent that it shifted the Earth's axis and shortened the day.

Like holy frickin' shit, I know it says that the day was only shortened by a second that idea seems mind blowing to me that an earthquake can tear a hole in time. If you believe in fate, does it alter the future? Does that mean that all those people who like to anthropomorphise the Earth were right and she will shrug humans off her back and discard us?

I don't know what it means except I'm pretty insignificant. Yikes!


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