Friday, March 5, 2010

Tax that

"Hey Man, shove that tax up your ass!"

Every Thursday I play pub trivia with a few people and the conversation recently turned to irrational hatreds. For example, one of my team mates hates Pandas - to her they are lazy. dull and definitely not cute. She doesn't dislike them, she LOATHES them and this is from someone who is a genuine animal lover. My other team mate hates bananas - no real reason for it but she hates the way they look, taste, smell, texture. On the whole she loves fruit but bananas drive her nuts. I didn't really think I had an irrational hatred until we started about talking about taxes. I'm not against paying taxes - take my money and give me health care, hospitals and roads - I don't mind them EXCEPT I HATE THEM. Not real taxes but because of the Phantom Menace taxes.

20th Century Fox presents (ba ba bababaaaa ba ba ba) Stars Wars: Episode 1. The Phantom Menace

"Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic. The taxation of trade routes to outlaying star systems is in dispute."

That is the first line of the intergalactic scrolling text - I kid you not. Taxation? Trade Routes? What the FUCK is this? Whatever it is, it ain't Star Wars! For all the crimes that Phantom Menace commits (and there are many), that it reads like it was written by an accountant in his lunch hour just drives me fucking bonkers. So, my irrational hatred OF TAXES (and my other team mates deemed my hatred to be irrational) can be blamed on George Lucas. Thanks George.


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