Friday, March 26, 2010

Nerd heaven

I'm a simple man. I like books, comics, movies, music and games. So today was a great day. First, I got to listen to the new Deftones album which is great. If I said Deftones are this awesome metal band you'd probably stop reading so I won't say that but I've been a fan for a long time so I'm stoked.

Also, I'm a big fan of the Scott Pilgrim comic books. They're this very funny pop-culture-romance-battle-of-the-bands-video-game-referencing comic bookd (5 so far) and they've been made into a movie. Firstly, it's directed by Edgar Wright who made Shaun of the Dead. Second, I rarely get tired of Michael Cera. And thirdly, for Arrested Development nerds, Roxanne Richter (one of Scott's nemeses in the movie) is played by the actress who played Anne in AD. Perfect. Anyhow, just watch the clip and you'll get why I'm in nerd heaven today.



  1. "What's up? How's life? He seems nice." Gold.

    Who's Anne?

  2. That IS gold!!!
    I can't wait to see this. Edgar Wright is awesome beyond words.
    Lately I've run out of TV series and have gone back to Spaced.
    Still one of the funniest shows ever.

    Nerd out my friend.

    x K