Saturday, June 20, 2009

Harnessed in the slums...

Thanks to the weather forecaster who said there would be the possibility of a light shower today - you've just made my shit list. I went out this morning to get this book that Katie was talking about on her blog and ended up in the middle of some sort of biblical plague-era rains sans umbrella or shelter. Thanks dude.

So, wet and sodden, I made my way home to watch this film Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. It's this quirky comedy about two indie kids falling in love except for one problem - it's entirely unwatchable. Nick is just that guy from Arrested Development playing the same character he played in Juno, Superbad, and I suspect Year One (which has just come out) getting over the heartbreak of his school age girlfriend (eww!). Norah is supposed to be this sassy indie grrl with attitude but is just unrelentingly cute (ie annoying) and if she's supposed to be so smart, I don't know why she'd want to date George Michael Bluth.

Anyhow, this comes off as a noughties Singles. Remember that film - whenever the action flagged Cameron Crowe just got Alice in Chains to play in the background. This film is like that except Alice in Chains is now Bishop Allen so nobody cares (who? exactly!). I got about half an hour in and had to stop. You're on the list too, Nick and Norah...

So with nothing else to do I resorted to more craft projects:

This is Thunder Eater and Ripsey the Pirate. Unfortunately, Ripsey has a problem with his arm which is permanently in the Go West pose. Both of them are awesome.

Right, I'm going to get drunk...


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  1. Jonathan H - you have GOT to have an exhibition of these crafty creatures. They're wonderful.

    Hope you're digging the book. I know you only just bought it but you're probably already further into it than I am. You could also follow Daniel Levitin on Twitter but suspect Twitter is just behind the weather man in your Shit List.

    Disappointed to hear Nick and Norah was anticlimactic but your review is hilarious so kudos to you for finding the silver lining in a cloud of filmic mediocrity. x k