Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Special K-hole

In my capacity as a Blanket writer, I am currently undertaking the 14 day Special K challenge for a story. This essentially means every day I must exercise for half an hour and eat healthy food including at least one bowl of Special K.

Just between you and me, I could be dead before this thing ends. I'm only on day 2 and I woke from a heavy sleep with the night terrors - I think this was a direct result of not having sugar for a day (oh yeah, sugar is my smack). While I am the first to admit I'm growing a little mid-life belly - I'm hardly obese and I find Australia's obsession with weight vaguely absurd. Then, I would say that, I don't have any fat kids (HA!)... OK, that's a cheap shot, you can punch me in the face for that.

I have a slight addiction to chocolate and when I say slight I mean I can eat a family block of chocolate faster than it took you to read this sentence. As such, I'll be curious to see what happens. I'm expecting something like this:

Well, maybe not quite like that but something similar. Hallucinations at the very least and then by day six I'll probably go on a wild crime spree stealing mars bars from children... It could get ugly. I'll keep you informed...


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  1. I have a terrible felling that this is going to work, Jon. Why oh why are diet and exercise the answer to everything??? Never Lindt chocolate and lounging around...