Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Touch me...

Remember the weather man I bitched about in the last post? Well, he is quickly rising to the top of my shit list (currently number 17 with a bullet just behind Delta Goodrem - does this woman have to be on every single advertisement on Australian television? Note to advertisers: employing Delta Goodrem to shill your wares does not convince me to buy your product, it convinces me to firebomb your headquarters... just joking... maybe... I'm delirious with illness at the moment and obviously watching way too much day time TV).

However, I digress. The reason the weatherman is in my bad books is because I've been laid up with the flu since Saturday. I do not believe it is of the swine variety and if it is, it's probably more akin to a 19th century romance novel swine, the Mr Wickham variety of the strain if you will.

Anyhow, I'm the worst sick person ever - pretty whiny, grumpy and wanting my Mum so all I can say is that it's for the best that I live alone. I'm hoping today will be the last day where I feel too sick to leave the house but you might get lucky...


A picture of some food for sale in Hong Kong

On a side note, I also have to comment on Masterchef Australia. I quite like this show because it makes me aspire to cook (ie buy) some nice food. However, they are in Hong Kong at the moment which is awesome but I have one question? Does every second sentence on the show have to feature the words Hong Kong? Seriously, every sentence seems to go:

"We woke up in Hong Kong and couldn't believe how beautiful Hong Kong was, I can't wait to cook some Hong Kong dishes in Hong Kong ad infinitum..."

I know they have sponsors they have to appease etc but I seriously lost count of how many times they said it last night. If I had to take a shot every time they said those two words, I'd be in hospital for liver failure. Seriously, let it go, we know where you are...


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