Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The hope that house built

You: Hey Jon, what up?

Jon: Nothing too much. Sorry, I haven't been blogging but I had a big project at work I had to finish and while most of it was completed a little while back, a major hurdle was overcome today so I'll have a lot more energy for my... urm... life.

You: Cool man. I don't really want to bring it up but are you a little drunk?

Jon: Yup.

You: But dude, its like 3:30pm... its a little early on a work day.

Jon: I know but after the proposal got passed through a certain committee, my colleagues and I had a slightly boozy lunch. After which, I decided to use my flex time and head home to drink more.

You: Whatcha drinking Jon?

Jon: Sweet gin of course!

You: Cool, so does that mean you might do some more blogging soon?

Jon: Why certainly. Since this has gone through I'll probably be a little less cranky and a lot more fun. Actually I'm quite happy today.

You: Because you're drunk...

Jon: Probably but it seems a long time since something went my way. I feel a bit like the people in this song - "come join our hopeless cause." Anyhow, I have plans to make some more crafty stuff.

You: Like what?

Jon: After my last attempts at making Dave and Josh, I saw this page on Blanket so I'm going to make some of those as well.

You: Cool.

Jon: Hey, thanks for checking in. I really appreciate you checking out the blog.

You: My pleasure.

Jon: No, really, the pleasure is all mine...


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